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Chanson Malaysia is proud to present new Pf-207 the latest quick release single canister system. The filtration media is a 0.5 micron nominal filtration with silver lining membrane. The filtration media is made in the usa.

Pf-207 is able to absorb chemicals and contaminants effectively and keeping the necessary minerals we need in our drinking water at the same time.

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The PF 207 filtration is a filter that can be easily replared, quickly installed and service. Filter out heavy metals and 99.9% of micro-organisms to have a great water to drink.

Filter life
  1. To ensure the highest drinking water quality, The filter should be replaced every 12 months or 8000 liters (replacement time may vary due to the source water quality of different regions)
  2. In the case the flow rate becomes low due to poor water source quality, please replace with new filter.

Easy and quick installation – everybody can do it.

Installation is very simple, thanks to patented system and quick release connectors. Everybody can do it. Installation kit is included.


All materials use are in compliance with fda-cfr-21 standard

The Pf-207 have complete nsf certification. It is the most efficient, compact, and affordable filtration for all families!

There are various degrees of quality of caso3 in the world. chanson choose the best quality of caso3 on the market. good quality caso3 has strong ability to remove chlorine which lasts for a long time.

  1. 0.5 micron nominal filtration
  2. Silver lining nano technology membrane is on the outer layer of the carbon block is used to absorb heavy metals while sterilizing up to 99.9% of micro-organisms.
  3. Rated flow 2.5 lpm, 8000 liters life
  4. Lead reduction based on nsf/ansi standard 53
  5. Cyst reduction based on nsf/ansi standard 53
  6. Turbidity reduction based on nsf/ansi standard 53
  7. Outstanding chlorine taste and odor reduction
Device size:
34CM X 10CM X 12CM
Water pressure:
45 PS
Filter replacement: