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Chanson NF-370 mineral water filtration system

Chanson Malaysia is proud to introduce the brand new NF-370 mineral water filtration system. the NF-370 is designed to be easily installed containing all quick water connections.

The NF-370 is integrated with the new chanson pf series twist-lock filters for outstanding filtering ability, easy filter changing and quick servicing. Anyone will be able to change these filters while leaving no mess. “Excellent taste of the water.”

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Excellent taste of the water

Chanson NF-370 filtration system is known to be the best pre-filtration for all alkaline water ionizers systems,
providing minerals to make the cleanest and perfect anti-oxidant ionized water.
Combining a chanson nano filtration with your water ionizer is not a choice, it is a must!

The Chanson NF-370 is designed to be associated to the chanson water ionizers or direct use.
It's membrane has a porosity of 0,001 micron (1nm) therefore is capable of removing bacteria, viruses and dangerous elements,
but leaving intact the minerals that are very important for our organism.

The Chanson NF-370 eliminates all pathogens and hazardous elements,
but leaves intact the content of minerals and nutrients that continue to be present in the pre-filtered.


Keeping minerals in the water

Advantages of the system of NF-370 respect to 'reverse osmosis the NF-370 allows to leave in the water a quantity of healthy and essential minerals according to the characteristics of the water.

There is possibility of installing pressure tank if needed. Our pressure tank is aseptic and thus avoids the problem of molds and fungi. The ratio of produced water to the water drainage and 1: 1 in contrast to reverse osmosis systems ranging from 5: 1 to 10: 1. The system of NF-370 is able to produce a constant flow of 1.5 liters minute.


Lowcost maintance

The Chanson NF-370 has a low cost operation and maintenance. The set of membrane system need to be replaced every two years, while the filters are changed once a year.

1 stage
2 stage
3 stage
4 stage
Filter type:
P1000 PP 5 Micron Sediment Filter
P4000 Precision 0,5 Micron Activated Carbon Block
Nano membrane (50% removal rate)
Nano membrane (50% removal rate)
Filter life span:
6 month
12 month
24 month
24 month
220V 50/60Hz
Operating temperature
4 - 40°C
Operating water pressure
1 - 5 kgf/cm2 (14-70 PSI)
*Install pressure reducer if water pressure exceeds the maximum operating water pressure.
L220 x W395 x H330 mm
Net weight
7,65 Kg
Gross weight
9.91 Kg