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We have 35 years of experience in development and manufacturing of water ionizers and water filtrations.We hold 23 patents in the field of water treatment.

About Us


Chanson Water Co. was established in 1979 in Taiwan. We have over 30 years of experiences in development and manufacturing of water ionizers and water filtrations. All parts of our appliances are made of superb quality materials, such as titanium and platinum, which all come from Japan. All our materials meet the requirements of food, health, and safety authorities. Chanson appliances have received certification from the National Institute of Public Health (szu cr). Our company’s headquarters is situated in Taiwan. We have 14 warehouses, 3 factories and two r&d centers. Our branches are located in 30 countries all over the world. From 2013 the Czech Republic is one of them.



Chanson SMPS

This technology guarantees stable performance to avoid issues such as heat, noise and loss of power.

The supreme benefits of using this smps technology are that it presents greater efficiency and longer lifespan. That is ensured by small dissipation of the power by switching transistor in the saturated state and the off state compared to the semi conducting state (active region). Other advantages of switch mode power supply (smps) include smaller size and lighter weight. moreover, it generates less heat with higher efficiency.

Chanson Automatically Clean - Automatic Ionizer Cleaning

This technology is one of the most effective on the world market. It prevents the build-up of scale on the electrodes and considerably extends the ability of the ionizer. The technology ensures continued maximum performance by removing any particles that may have gotten into the ionizing chamber. That way the appliance will provide you with trouble-free service for many years. This patented system prevents the risk of drinking acid water by mistake.